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Icons Post 08

A day off! So it's time for icons!

I must admitt that I'm quite not satisfied with my previous icons post. I realised that I'm not the kind of people who is able to make 50 icons in a row (I tried with 20 and it ended up being crappy) since I spend a quite big amount of time on each of them.
However, I'm not going to delete them because Shugo needs more graphics and I'm satisfied with a few of them.

But for now, I'm back with Jrock as well! (because there isn't a better combination than sexy actor and musicians)
So Yay!

The scans of Alice Nine. are from okuribi and yes I'm crediting no matter what! :p
Pictures of Shugo were capped/scanned by zenfu and keifu

So here it goes:

+ Alice Nine
[3] Jewels

[5]Shugo Oshinari



1 2

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

+ Everytime you comment, God saves a kitty
+ Join?
+ If you're taking an icon, don't forget to credit!

Tags: actor, alice nine, icons, scarlet, shugo oshinari
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Deleted comment

Thanks! :D
Molest haha XD

Woa! You're quick! I was about to edit Hiroto's icon. I took the wrong one *head desk* ^_^''

Deleted comment

Hahahahahaha! *breaks a rib* XD
Saga is abusing thoses senses I think :P

By the way, I've updated the right icon of Hiroto ^_^''
great icons <333
very colurfull, o loke it!
thanks! :)
ani-san, great icons you got there... ^^
taking #1, #5 and *8... thanks!! of course, will credit.. ^^
*sigh*... great... saga's icon is tempting me... took that one too...
hehe thank you!
They're very, very pretty! :-o I love the colors!